Meet Jessica

Although we call her new blood, Jessica has actually been racing for longer than anyone else on Watt Riot.
Jessica caught the cycling bug young, sneaking into her neighbors back yard and borrowing their bike to practice riding without training wheels. She saw her cousin race junior nationals and thought, “man I should do that” and she did. Jessica even went to worlds as a junior. But what sticks out for her from her junior years is the Bacon Buffet of Suffering. Because bacon….seriously where did this race go?
Jessica loves reading and went to school to be an engineer, a career path that took her all the way to Germany. While there she took up triathlons, which she was actually really awesome at, but she decided she really didn’t want to swim. Ever again. That paired with the Rockies calling her name brought Jessica back to cycling, back to Alberta and on to Watt Riot.
We are so excited to ride with this woman. Keep your eyes peeled for her on the road, in practicing her cross skills, and yes my friends at the velodrome.
Swing by our Family Day FUNdraiser and say hi to Jessica in person.

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