Kara Hagedorn




Road and Cross

Career Highlights

  • 1st  2016 Canada Crit, Women’s 3/4/5
  • 1st 2017 Pedalhead Road Works Road Race, Women’s 1/2
  • 1st 2017 Pedalhead Road Works Crit, Women’s 1/2

More About Her

Learning to race in Waterloo, Ontario, Kara is no stranger to technical rides and SUPER tiny velodromes (hello Garden City 180m). Lucky for us, Kara found her home in the mountains of Jasper and stood out to us in 2017 by absolutely CRUSHING it as an independent women in her Ten Speed Hero kit.

We have said it before and we will say it again, this woman is fierce. She is strongly politically minded and is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in, even when everyone else in the room is against her. Kara understands that politics isn’t all winning all the time, its engaging in the conversation and fighting the fight that is truly key.

Kara’s grit shown through at a young age when she taught herself to ride a two wheel bike after many failed attempts under the supervision of her sister. She simply would not give up until she achieved her goal. This still shows in her racing style.