Out of the Mouths of Babes

We’ve been talking a lot about the programs we are putting on for the women in Calgary. Now that our Road Program has wrapped up, we thought it might be nice to give you all the perspective of some of our participants. Here’s what a few of the ladies had to say about how they felt going into the program, during, and at completion.



I’ve been so fortunate in finding this like minded community of all women riders. I’d been searching for a group exactly like this, and the ladies of Watt Riot did not disappoint.

Erin and Kendra gently and carefully crafted a program that could be tailored to fit all levels, working from the basics into more technical skills, some I would have never thought I could accomplish. Erin and Kendra gave me a huge confidence boost to not only want to do a time trial race, but to do one well. The morning of the race, I felt supported, confident, and that I had the tools to be successful. I also had the best cheering squad out there, thanks to the dedicated coaches. I think I’m hooked.

I’ve gained so much from this program, not only in finding a like minded community of awesome women riders but also gaining a larger interest and respect in the sport as a whole. Much love Watt Riot.



Though I have commuted via bike year round for the past four years I am fairly new to road cycling and have found it quite intimidating to get into, and find other women to ride with.

When I heard about the Watt Riot Women’s Road Development Program I had no hesitation in signing up. Erin and Kendra were friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable from the first day forward. Though the group of women included a range of cycling experience and skill levels they accommodated all of us, answered our many questions, and we were never made to feel like we needed to have a $5,000 bike or the most expensive accessories to get into the sport. The progression of the program over the five weeks included bike maintenance, cornering, hand signals, climbing and everything in between. It was perfect to allow us to feel comfortable while pushing ourselves and encouraging each other.

Due to this program I now have even more of an excitement and confidence with cycling, have met an amazing group of bike loving women, and feel empowered to hopefully sign up for a race soon!



I signed up for the Watt Riot Road Cycling Program on a whim. I’d registered for a fundraising bike ride in August I wanted to prepare for and I had zero experience. I was quite nervous going in, but Kendra and Erin plus a great class of women put me at ease right away. I learned how to change my flat tire and how to independently complete the ‘ABC’ checkpoints to ride my bike safely. I left each class having learned and practiced skills I honestly never imagined I’d achieve on my bike, from hills to standing starts. I now feel so much more equipped to cycle on the path systems and on highways and to cycle within a group of cyclists safely. I went into the program nervous and I left feeling confident and enthusiastic – ready to ride!!!


Mary Ann

 I’d like to complement the Watt Riot Cycling group on their fabulous Road Course. I registered for the course with some trepidation as a non-athlete owner of a mountain bike compared to an avid cyclist. Night one set the tone for the course and, in my opinion was worth the entire course cost. We each had our bikes and helmets safety checked, learned how to change a tire and got the what’s what on what to wear, what to eat, what to drink and when to do all these things.

Experiences on the bike were equally valuable and presented in a very safe, non-intimidating manner by a very knowledgeable and supportive team of instructors.Although I never plan on becoming a competitive road racer, this course was invaluable in preparing me to face Calgary’s pathways on my bike in a much more prepared and confident manner

 Kudos to Watt Riot – you’re providing a great service to the women of Calgary interested in cycling!

Thank you ladies so much for your kind words and perspectives.
We have truly been overwhelmed with joy working with you over the course of the program.
We look forward to hearing from more of you as group rides and women’s track nights continue.

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