Create a positive and empowering environment for women in cycling: Watt Riot provides a safe space for women to train and hone their skills in preparation to race regionally at the elite level. We are committed to traveling and racing together as a team in Alberta, the Western United States, and Canada.

In 2017 many Alberta races granted category 1/2/3 women the opportunity to have their own start line at races. This was a great step for cycling in Alberta to show the women in Alberta that we do have a place in the sport. Prior to this (and in some 2017 races) women race alongside category 3 men, which can be intimidating as the race doubles in distance and the field is ten times the size.

Watt Riot Cycling wants to continue to help grow and support this community, and empower women in all levels of cycling.



Expand female start line numbers and keep Alberta women racing: By creating a group specifically for women committed to racing at an elite level, we are able to encourage further registration and expand the field of women racing. Our vision is to drive regional Road Race start line numbers up enough that women gain their own race category for 1/2/3. More women on the start line means more opportunities for women to gain the experiences required to keep racing fun, competitive, and lifelong.


Women's Learn to Road Ride Program

Our 2018 program as now concluded, thank you so much to our fantastic sponsors and participants for letting us put on another great 5 week program.

Women's Learn to Track Program 

Watt Riot Cycling once again coached a six (6) week tracking cycling program in conjunction with the Calgary Bicycle Track League. Participants of the program have been given the option to top up their fees to become members of the CBTL.

Registration is  here.