Who We Are

Back for a third year, our 2019 team consists of some returning and new athletes who have shown unbridled passion for their sport and community. Our women are committed to promoting cycling and encouraging equality within the sport.


Meet our Riders

Erin is the founder of our team, her passion to promote women in the sport has been her driver to build this team. This woman lives and breathes bicycles. If she’s not on a bike, she’s probably working as a race official, coaching a Learn to Ride session or at a board meeting. Erin also races with Team Canadian as a tandem pilot.

Courtenay came to cycling in 2017 as part of the RBC Athlete Training Grounds. Coming from Bobsleigh as a brake(wo)man, Courtenay has turned all of her focus to the track, with her eye on the prize of representing Canada in the near future and adding a new Canada skinsuit to her arsenal. 


Peaceful Pedaler

Kendra truly embodies the vision of Watt Riot Cycling. She never attends an event without a smile, she's encouraging to other women on the start line, and she is not so secretly the reason a few of her teammates kept riding after their first year. We are so happy to have her on our team.



Billy Goat

Madeline Arpin

Madeline has been racing road and mountain in the Minnesota for years and will be a mentor for the Little Bellas in 2017. We look forward to the day when Madeline lives closer to us, but until then, we will cheer her on from afar and connect with her at every race we can.



Kara's spirit exemplifies the mission of Watt Riot Cycling. Don't mistake her smiles and pleasantry as a weakness. This strong and fiery woman isn't afraid to speak her mind and have tough conversations around the hurdles female athletes are facing. 



Debra Sluz Parker

Debra connected with us after seeing the team race at Tour de Bloom, she just recently received her category 3 upgrade in BC and is looking to have some fun with a women's race team.

Fresh Meat




After 16 years figure skating and 6 years speed skating, Sam decided to come over to cycling for a change of scenery. This woman has a pretty great history of advocacy and is currently a Ride Don't Hide ambassador. We look forward to supporting her through her FIRST EVER race (though she's no stranger to riding in big groups) and her first season training on a bike!



Yuen-ying Carpenter

Yuen-ying graduated from our women's road cycling clinic in 2017 and has taken out her FIRST EVER race license this year. We are super excited to have her back in our program and helping encourage some new riders to take up their first start lines.


Sarah Orban

Sarah comes to Watt Riot from the RBC Athlete Development Program. She has been training with Courteney for the last year on the track and is taking on her first races on the road and track in 2018.


Caitlin Flegel

Caitlin was one of the first people to register for our women's road cycling clinic in 2017 and we are super happy to support her this year with her  FIRST EVER race license. We are super excited to have her on our team and helping encourage some new riders to take up their first start lines.

Support the Team

Watt Riot is currently looking for 2019 sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring the team or one of our Learn To Race programs, please contact us at info@wattriotcycling.com