Why I love my bike so damn much

There's something truly special about the sport of cycling, because in order to perform well, you have to be willing to hurt. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable for hours on end, hanging on by a thread, ignoring your body's pleas for you to stop. You meditate on the mantra "shut up, legs."

A cyclist is willing to dig themselves so deep, they aren't sure they can make it through. And this is where the beauty of the sport lies. Resilience and abandon, passion and courage are the most basic fuels. Feel free to obsess about your wattage, speed, normalized power, Strava segments (I can be a bit of a data nerd at times, too). I'm more interested in the experience.

Riding is my meditation, a place of complete mental solace from the usual chatter that echoes, non-stop, through my head. It is the best way I know of to deal with struggle. The mental battle of persevering on a hard ride, a race where you are out of your league, through bad weather, or up a mountain pass is a perfect metaphor for how I strive to live my life. In these situations, no matter how difficult things get, regardless of how strong the temptation to just give up is, you just have to keep pedalling. All you have to do to overcome is continue to move forward.

My bike is kind of like a therapist, but also like a best friend. When I am having a fantastic day, I know a ride will make it even better. When I'm feeling at my worst, cycling can make me feel balanced, capable, empowered, and strong again. Each ride is a challenge to be the best I can be in that moment, independent of outside circumstances.

Something beautiful happens to your mind when you push yourself to do things you don't think you can do (or don't want to do). It's the reason I live for the moment on a long climb when your lungs burn, your quads are swimming in lactic acid, your mouth is dry, and your mind is seductively suggesting that you should just stop... It's that moment where you dig just a bit deeper, force yourself to continue, and break through to a new perspective. Your head is clear, your body is on autopilot, and you're buzzing with a blood flood of endorphins.

Cycling is my escape. It's my church, my addiction, my outlet. It's also why I'm so stoked to race this coming season -- sharing experiences with people who care about the sport like I do.



Janelle Kendell

Chief Bicycle Officer, Watt Riot Cycling

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