2018 Women’s Road Cycling Development Program

With the success of our 2017 Women’s Road Cycling Development Program, we are happy to announce that Watt Riot Cycling will once again be leading a road cycling program just for women.

This year we have made a few tweaks based on the feedback we received from our 2017 participants and supporting partners. Including:

  1. The option to register for JUST the first classroom based session covering some basic knowledge. We found that some ladies registered just to take this course, so why not make is separate and allow a few more people to attend.
    You can register for this session here.
  2. Two weeks of on bike skills, handling, and games for those who want to get comfortable on the bike but maybe don’t want to do long rides just yet. One session of this wasn’t quite enough in 2017 so we will be taking two weeks here, with the option to register for just this part of the course.
    You can register for these session here
  3. For ladies who attended our 2017 program, and Alberta Bicycle Association clinic, or who took the first parts of the 2018 program and want a bit further technical mastery we have a two week block of climbing, corners, and crits.
    You can register for these sessions here
  4. This year we will be taking on 5 ladies from the road program who are interested in racing and bringing them onto Watt Riot Cycling as development members! One of these lucky ladies will win an entry to race the category 4/5 field at Tour de Bloom and will be able to travel with our Cat 2 riders.


Talk about fun!
What are those session break downs again?
Can I have a shareable link?

Yes of course dear reader.

April 3 is in classroom basic knowledge (what to ride with, wear, carry for food, set up your bike, and basic bike maintenance). https://wwcwomensroadbasics1.eventbrite.ca

April 10 & 17 are  bike handling, safety, signaling, how to group ride and generally getting super comfortable on your bike. https://wwcwomensroadbasics2.eventbrite.ca

April 24 & May 1 covers cornering, climbing, and standing starts. We will do a mini Crit race at the end of the final week. https://wwcwomensroadbasics3.eventbrite.ca

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