Happy International Women’s Day

Throughout my life I have been blessed to meet and work with many strong, vibrant, smart, and beautiful women who have refused to settle for the boundaries society set for them. These women have shaped the person I am and will no doubt continue to shape the people they touch.

My hope for this team is that we can do a little of the same. This place can be cold (I’m not just talking Calgary’s climate). Women can be cold. Our role should be to build each other up. Not strip each other down. This is the focus of our team for 2017, to build up, lift up, and connect with the women around us. After all, foundational years are about building your support network and making connections that will last the rest of your life.

To help us build our community, we are pleased to announce the start of our Women’s Road Cycling Development Program. Beginning April 26, 2017 this course will run for five weeks and provide it’s participants with the skills, confidence, and support to enter their very first road race. Each week will build on the lessons and skills taught in the previous week. We will be partnering with Smack Cycles to ensure right off the hop that all participants have bikes that fit them correctly and are mechanically sound.

If you happen to live up in Edmonton, don’t you worry, there is something for you as well. Our wonderful friends at ERTC are running a similar program.

We are all here for you ladies. We just cannot wait to watch your love of cycling unfold.

Happy International Women’s Day. Here’s to a warmer 2017 for women in sport.

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