Meet Kendra

What can we say about Kendra, she truly embodies the vision of Watt Riot. A few years ago, she took up cycling as something fun once the snow had gone. Initially riding the mountains, Kendra found the road as recovery from injury. The road cycling community was the winner that day.
We just adore this peaceful pedaler. She never attends an event without a smile, she encourages the women at the start line with her, she’s happy to answer questions, topped with the knowledge of how to work in the pain cave. All these are part of why Kendra loves Watt Riot. Our double mandate spoke to her. This woman has a passion to encourage and develop women starting in the sport while helping to develop the sport to become sustainable, fun and challenging once you reach the Cat 3 level. We are all pretty excited to see what we can do to help the community get there.

Kendra also spends a good amount of time riding with her mom! Which is super cool. They have a pretty big trip planned for this fall. We expect Kendra to do the majority of the work to make up for all those times her mom pushed her around empty parking lots during summer vacation so Kendra could learn her balance. Aren’t moms great?

Off the bike Kendra is a reader – we are talking six books at a time. Kendra was actually in a competitive book reading club when she was a kid, which she recounts with fondness rather than terror. She also spends a ton of time with her bestie Nellie, an adorable rescue dog from Mexico. The pair spend a lot of time in the mountains hiking, camping, and skiing…. okay Nellie doesn’t really ski, but Kendra sure does! So if you can’t find Kendra in town, look for her in the mountains. They are her home.

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